Uncle Montel – The OG of Weed is a new podcast that’s got the biggest names in hip hop sharing the mic with the man they call Uncle Montel. The show is a lot of fun, but it will also teach you something you didn’t know — about the business and the culture of cannabis and hip hop.

If you want to position your brand with a young, urban demo that has disposable income and is looking for something new, this is the place.

Key Demographics

• Highly engaged, involved, divserse, independent and brand loyal.
• 25-50 years old.
• Righteous’ strong, existing network of over 800,000 fans, and supporters.
• Hip-hop and rap make up 21% of all music consumed in the US in 2020.
• 46% of Americans have tried/utilze cannabis.
• 1 in 8 Americans regularly utilize cannabis.
• 15 states have full legalization.
• 36 states have medical legalization.
• Total marijuana sales exceeded $18 billion for 2020 an increase of nealy 40%.
• Sales totals are anticipated to reach almost $37 billion by 2024.


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